19 March, 2011

Incredible images of the Aurora Borealis at a super moon

Mystically beautiful landscape of the Thingvellir National Park - a world famous UNESCO World Heritage Site 
The strikes of green and purple light make the snow-capped mountains and crystal clear fjords appear part of an alien world.

  Northern lights can never be observed during the day. They're just not bright enough to be viewed during the day light. But at night when the moon lits up sky and land, the aurora looks fantastic. Especially pictures like these are extremely rare because this phenomenon does not happen so very often.

These Northern Lights last only for a matter of few seconds only because they appear and then vanish suddenly.

Auroras appear in the sky when charged particles are blasted through space from the sun. These particles are then attracted to Earth's magnetic field at the Southern and Northern poles.
The energy released by these particles strikes the earth's atmosphere around 90 miles above Earth and thus causes the jaw-dropping displays of light.

These particles are in fact protons fired into space by sun spots. They regularly appear after every 11-years. Keeping in view this data the next big cycle will probably take place in 2012.

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