29 March, 2011

A Strange But Beautiful Garden

sculpture of a pony covered with grass.

sculptures of Seals covered with grass.

Beautiful flock of geese ready to take flight.

Now a cut cat.

And of course frog is also there.

Some more aquatic birds, the Lovely Swans family.

Now a long bearded man or the Gardener perhaps.

taking flight.

Close up of the baby seal.

and now the tower in Paris also brought here.

And of course dolphins are also there.

Last but not least dragons is also there to amuse the kids.

Necker Island Rental for $53k Per Night

Necker Island is owned bу famоus billionaire Sir Richard Branson. Yоu mаy rеnt thе island fоr $53,000 per night. And yоu mаy bring up tо 28 friends with yоu.

Necker Island is a small island in the British Virgin Islands just north of Virgin Gorda. All of the land on the island is owned by Sir Richard Branson, famous for his Virgin brand, and it is part of the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio of luxury properties. The entire island operates like a resort and can accommodate up to 28 guests.

Branson first became aware that some of the islands in the British Virgin Islands were for sale in 1979. In 1978 he went to the British Virgin Islands for a holiday in order to investigate the prospective real estate. On first observing the islands, he envisioned using them to put up rock stars for his record label. Upon arrival, they were given a luxury villa and travelled around islands for sale by helicopter. 
The final island he saw was Necker Island, and after climbing the hill and being stunned by the view and wildlife, fell in love with the island. After making a lowball bid of £100,000 for the £5 million island, however, he was turned down and evicted from the island. A while later, the owner, Lord Cobham, in need of short-term capital, eventually settled for £180,000 after Richard Branson had offered his final price of £175,000 three months before the actual sale took place. However, the Government imposed a relatively common restriction on alien landholders; that the new owner had to develop a resort within five years or the island would revert to the state. Branson committed, determined to build a resort on his tropical dream island, notwithstanding his relatively modest capital at that time in his career.
When Branson bought the 74-acre (300,000 m2) island, it was uninhabited. He purchased the island at the age of 28, just six years after starting Virgin Group. It took 3 years and approximately US$10 million to turn it into a private island retreat. Using local stone, Brazilian hardwoods, antiques, art pieces and fabrics and bamboo furniture from Bali the architects and designers created a 10 bedroom Balinese-style villa crowning a hill above the beach. Each of the 10 bedrooms has open walls giving a 360-degree view and cooling winds from any direction in the house. The island has accommodation for 28 people and rents out at US$53,000 to $54,000 a day. All that includes two "private" beaches, private pools, tennis courts, breathtaking views, a personal chef, a team of about 60 staff and a wide array of water sports equipment.
The island is available for weddings, relaxation breaks, sports vacations and even complete rentals for any purpose. One of the high profile recent guests is Larry PageGoogle's billionaire co-founder, who married his girlfriend, Lucy Southworth, on the island in early December 2007. Page rented a majority of Virgin Gorda as well, as Necker was far too small to fit his 600+ guest party.

The Beautiful Necker island.

The Lovely Beautiful Necker island.

The Beautiful Necker island with tourist huts in the background.

The Beautiful Necker island with residential area in the focus.

Boating facility on the Necker Island. White beach and blue sea highlights the beauty of the island.

Bedroom with window opening towards the sea.

Another view of a beautiful bedroom and lounge.

Beautiful view of the bedroom in the tourist huts.

Residential facility available on the Necker island

Drawing room and TV lounge.

Beautiful view of sunset on the Necker Island.

Bonfire dinner arrangement on the beach.

dinner in the waters of Necker Island.

Refreshments on the water Necker Island.

Banquet for the dinner.

Marvelous view of the beach with white sand.

open air lounge on the water.

Beautiful view of the sea from Necker Island.

Pollen Under a Microscope

In this collection you will see photos of “messengers” of allergy made ​​by a scanning electron microscope.
Pollens magnified.

pollen seen under microscope.

pollen of a flower seen under microscope.

Lovely pollen magnifies.

Beautiful pollen magnified under microscope.

Beautiful pollen magnified under microscope.

Beautiful pollen magnified.

Pollen magnified under microscope.

Amazingly beautiful pollen magnified.

Pollens under microscope.

Orange like pollens magnified.

Pollen magnified under microscope.

Pollens magnified.

Pollens magnified.

pollens magnified.

Crazy Paper Art