16 March, 2011


       Thunder of Waters
Beautiful Niagra Falls Wallpaper.

            Niagara Falls, one of the most spectacular natural wonders in North America, is more than 25,000 years old. The falls are on the Niagara River, which flows between the United States and Canada, from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.
Beautiful Niagra Falls at night Wallpaper.

            It is awesome just to be near the waterfall and watch the force of so many litres of water plunging down the steep cliff. More than 2.3 million litres per second pour over the falls. As the water thunders down, it fills the air with a silvery mist in which you can see many shining rainbows. A ceaseless roar fills the air as all this water strikes the bottom. The Iroquois Indians called this waterfall Niagara, meaning ‘thunder of waters’.
Beautiful Niagra Falls from American section at night Wallpaper.

            The falls are divided into two parts by Goat Island. The larger portion is the Canadian section, known as the Horseshoe Falls. It measures 790 metres along its curve and drops 49.4 metres. The American Falls are smaller and rockier. Their width is 305 metres across, and they drop about 51 metres.
Niagra Falls.

            Between the American Falls and Goat Island are the small Luna Island and the small Luna Falls, also called Bridal Veil Falls. There are caves behind the curtain of water of both these falls. One of these is the Cave of the Winds.
            The best views of the falls are from Queen Victoria Park on the Canadian Side, Prospect Point on the U.S. side, and Rainbow Bridge, which crosses between the two.
Niagra Falls Wallpaper.

Beautiful Niagra Falls at night Wallpaper.
The great Niagara Falls once stopped running. On the evening of 29 March 1848, ice blocked the Niagara River, and the falls stopped for about 30 hours.
Niagra Falls when it froze completely in 1911.

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