22 February, 2011

Dame Judi Dench......A Commanding Actress

Dame Judi Dench was born as Judith Olivia Dench in 1934. She is regarded as one of England's most famous and admired actresses.

She had her professional stage debut in 1957 when she played the role of Hamlet's love, Ophelia, in William Shakespeare's famous tragic play Hamlet . Her performance and delivery were so delicate and intelligent that the character came alive for audiences. Her performace was greatly admired by the audience there by  establishing her reputation as a good actoress from the day one.
She was a woman of  fairly small height but still she has been known for her commanding presene onstage and her domineering personality. She has acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company and other major theatres for years on end as most important actoress.
She has also played many major and memorable modern roles during her stage career. She is also knonwn for creating the role of the odd but lovable Sally Bowles. It appeared in the first London production of the musical Cabaret (1968) but Shakespeare has been her all time specialty.

She has also performed a major role in James Bond movies thats why outside Great Britain, people probably know jer best for her role as the stern spy chief 'M' in the James Bond movies.
It was not before 1997 that the film Mrs. Brown brought her world wide international attention. She played Queen Victoria in that film. It proved a lucky chractor for her to bring her to fame internationaly. Then in 1998 she played another queen, Queen Elizabeth I, in the film Shakespeare in Love. For her great performance in this film she won an Academy Award for best supporting actress. She won the same award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) - one of many she was awarded.
The great strength that Dench communicates has marked her acting style. She is well known for giving touchingly personal life to the characters she plays, whether they are grand historical figures or everyday people. Her two popular television series, 'As Time Goes By' and 'A Fine Romance', show off her skill at playing the roles of ordinary women in an amazingly marvelous style.
Judi Dench has always considered the stage her first love. For her remarkable contribution to theatre and films, she was honoured with a knighthood as Dame Commander of the British Empire in 1988.